V. EMT individual


Early bird registration start in 17th November 2018 and end 17th December 2018. Registration fee is 15 euros each categories.

Normal registration open until qualification end 17th February 2019. Registration fee is 20 euros each categories.

Click for registration here: link


The V. EMT competition available all the Masters Athlete over 35 years. Six divisions (35+, 40+, … 60+) and two categories RX and Scaled.


  • Male & Female 35-39 (must be 35 years on 2019)
  • Male & Female 40-44 (must be 40 years on 2019)
  • Male & Female 45-49 (must be 45 years on 2019)
  • Male & Female 50-54 (must be 50 years on 2019)
  • Male & Female 55-59 (must be 55 years on 2019)
  • Male & Female 60+ (must be 60 years on 2019)
  • Scaled Male & Female 35-39 (must be 35 years on 2019)
  • Scaled Male & Female 40-44 (must be 40 years on 2019)
  • Scaled Male & Female 45-49 (must be 45 years on 2019)
  • Scaled Male & Female 50-54 (must be 50 years on 2019)
  • Scaled  Male & Female 55-59 (must be 55 years on 2019)
  • Scaled Male & Female 60+ (must be 60 years on 2019)


Registration for the online qualifiers will open on Saturday the 17th of November and registration will close at 19:00 on 17th February. No late entries will be accepted. A gym manager will have to be nominated and will be responsible for verifying athletes scores each week.



Information for the qualification:

Like it was in previous year, you’ll have 2 weeks to accomplish the WODs in this year’s competition too.

After the qualification you can get into the EMT and we will announce the winner of the scaled competiton when the qualification is finished (over 50).


Like the practice of previous year, the 2019 EMT WODs must be recorded and uploaded by everyone!

Like the Games standard, we look at the video one of the WODs for those who are in the lead!. Affiliate manager will get a message about the results validation. 


The EMT leaderboard will be live throughout the qualifier and will be updated as scores are submitted. Athletes will be awarded points depending on their placing in each workout. At the end of the qualifiers athletes will receive an overall ranking.

RX 35+: 50 men and 20 women
RX 40+: 40 men and 20 women
RX 40+: 40 men and 20 women
RX 50+: 30 men and 10 women
55+ & 60+ 10-10 men and women each categories!

Scaled 35+: 20 men and 10 women
Scaled 40+ :20 men and 10 women
Scaled 45+ :10 men and 10 women

The EMT Finals will take place in Budapest, Hungary on the 18th and 19th of May 2019. The event will see 350 athletes compete over two days to see who will be victorious in The EMT!

Photos by StevieD


V. EMT Individual QWOD

Competition Age

Part 1. 00:00-07:00

3 rounds for time:

21 Pull ups  

15 Shoulder to overhead 50 kg

9 Box step overs with DB @30 kg 60 cm

3 min rest (bar loading is accepted for part B)


All of Athletes must record and upload all the wods! The 3 parts must record in one unedited continuous video.

Name, category and division required on the videos

WODproof is good to use! On Submit to FaceWOD please use long link of YouTube not the sort one


Three part of WODs are scored separately. Part 1 scored by total time. If uncompleted, the total repetitions completed in 7 minutes are scored. Part 2 scored by weight, and Part 3 by reps

Before you start the workout show all the plates you are going to use in ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ and ‘Part 3’ then you can put your starting weight on the bar before starting the clock. Before making an attempt you shall state the weight that is on the bar at that moment and then proceed with the lift. You may use three bars for this workout one-one for each Part but you must show the plates on both bars prior to starting the workout.




Novotel Budapest

Nearest hotel to EMT, they have 50 free room for You at the moment!
Fill and send this document to they for the booking:
Hotel Charles
If you want to stay this hotel please download this form, and send to the hotel!
Rubin Hotel


Reservation process:

To handle bookings smoothly and connect with you, please book at the reservation@hotelrubin.hu email address and email the following code: EMT2019CF.