Event info

The EMT 2024 Throwdown will be on 31. May – 02. June 2024. The event will see 312 athletes compete over two days to see who will be victorious in The EMT!


The registration for the event opens on 1st December and closes at 7.00 PM on 29th March. No late entries will be accepted. The early bird registration fee (until 31th December 2023) is € 29 and includes treatment costs in both categories. Normal registration fee is € 39 and includes treatment costs in both categories too. That is available on 1st January to 29 February. Last call registration fee is € 49 and includes treatment costs in both categories too. That is available on 1st March to 29th March.


The online qualifiers will run from the 15th to the 29th March 2024.

All two workouts will be released at 19:00 on 15th March. Athletes have to complete the workouts, submit their scores and have their score verified by their manager until 29th March at 19:00.

Before the qualification you will get an e-mail including the instructions about how to upload your results.


Information for the qualification:

Like it was in previous year, you’ll have 2 weeks to accomplish 2 WODs in this year’s competition too.

Like the practice of previous year, the 2024 EMT WODs must be recorded and uploaded by everyone!

The EMT 2024 Qualification leaderboard will be live and continuously updated with the submitted scores. Athletes will be awarded points depending on their placing in each workout. At the end of the event Athletes will receive an overall ranking.

After the qualification you can get into the EMT and we will announce the winner of the scaled competiton when the qualification is finished (over 50).

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Good luck! Take care of yourselves!