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Event info

The EMT Finals will take place in Pécs, Hungary on the 7th and 8th of May 2016. The event will see 208 athletes compete over two days to see who will be victorious in The EMT!


  • Male & Female 35-39 (must be 35 years + on or before the 6th of May 2016)
  • Male & Female 40-44 (must be 40 years + on or before the 6th of May 2016)
  • Male & Female 45-49 (must be 45 years + on or before the 6th of May 2016)
  • Male & Female 50-54 (must be 50 years + on or before the 6th of May 2016)
  • Male & Female 55-59 (must be 55 years + on or before the 6th of May 2016)
  • Male & Female 60+ (must be 60 years + on or before the 6th of May 2016)


Registration for the online qualifiers will open on Wednesday the 6th of January and registration will close at 19:00 on Wednesday 10th February. No late entries will be accepted. A gym manager will have to be nominated and will be responsible for verifying athletes scores each week.


The online qualifiers will run from the 6th to the 20th February 2016.

All three workouts will be released at 19:00 on Saturday 6th February. Athletes have to complete the workouts, submit their scores and have their score verified by their manager until Saturday 20th February at 19:00.

The EMT leaderboard will be live throughout the qualifier and will be updated as scores are submitted. Athletes will be awarded points depending on their placing in each workout. At the end of the qualifiers athletes will receive an overall ranking. The top 40 male and 16 female athletes from 35-39 and 40-44, and top 24 male and 8 female athletes from 45-49 and 50-54, and 8 male and female athletes from each of the 55-59, 60+ will be invited to compete at the The EMT finals in May. A total of 208 athletes.

Athletes finishing in qualifying positions must have uploaded videos by 08:00am on 22th February.

Qualifying athletes will receive an email inviting them to compete at the finals; this will be sent out on 24th February and athletes will have 2 days until the 26th of February at 19:00 to accept their place and purchase their competitor ticket. Those who do not do so will forfeit their place at the finals and the place will be offered to the next athlete in line.

Second round offers will be sent out on 28th of February and those athletes will then have 2 days until the 01st March at 19:00 to accept their place and purchase their competitor ticket.


The event finals will take place on the 7th and 8th of May in Pécs.



TC: 10 min

Back and forth, DU only once

20 Pull Up

20 Wall ball

20 Front Squat

20 American Swing

20 Double Under


TC: 5 min

Dumbbell Snatch/HSPU


TC: 20 min
Complete the following exersices as fast as possible.
5000/1000 m row
The first 1000 m is judged by separately from the last 4000 m, the time-value of 1000 m row is WOD 3.
Wod 4 is scored by total time, or if uncompleted, the total meters completed in 20 minutes.

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